Attempted VR Stream

Hey guys some of you might know that I recently tried to live stream it was a complete and utter failure. Well not completely, I mean I least got the stream to work for about 7 minutes or so. Well in case you don’t know I recently got my VR headset and I chose the Lenovo explorer mixed reality headset. Right now in the windows mixed reality world Lenovo explorer is the most comfortable and has the widest field of view. I tried out the other solutions for mixed reality headsets and ultimately after research lead me to make the decision to go with the Lenovo based on the points I just made. Right now in my home, my guest room is not wired to live stream I’m using power over ethernet and I do not have enough bandwidth to live stream VR successfully. (well I can stream but my power goes out!!!)  Which actually leads me back to the ongoing discussion that bandwidth is big caveat inside of the VR and the mixed reality world when it comes to connecting VR experiences over the web and how much bandwidth it takes actually share or over the web. The technical specs for wireless streaming in a local wireless network you can see in the picture shown below. They’re only eight players currently in the market for wireless streaming technologies in regard to virtual reality headsets. You can see the bandwidth also in the example picture. (Taken from Houston VR Meetup)     (picture didn’t want to upload so I’ll post it soon!)

I’m currently working on a few projects that involve front-end development and javascript but the overviews of the collaboration tools will be still coming.

I’ll have to see you which ones have the most ease of access to start a project in the platform first in order to make a complete overview of those technologies. As a test, I’m going to have to actually run them first and make sure they’re compatible with my current setup.


I haven’t put my own design inside of thread studio which is the software that you might have seen me trying to showcase in case you did not see me streaming don’t worry I’ll be streaming more often and I’ll try not to segway into a video game in the middle of me streaming I promise.  but I probably will) if you guys have any questions please send me an email that [email protected] you can donate to my patreon here I’ll be adding more features and gifts for the donations so keep a lookout for that.


Right now the Lenovo explorer is on sale for 279.99 which is a sweet deal on Amazon and so are all the other mixed reality headsets. 



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