Jermarkis R Hubbard / Husband/ UI/ UX Designer WEBVR Developer/ I.T. professional and Entrepreneur 

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About my journey to the virtual world.

I was born in 1991, I don't remember a lot about when I was in grade school just a few social events with family friends and family. My earliest  memories are about spending time with my mother, my aunts and cousins just growing up in the inner city of Houston. My mother had me when she was 16, and my father has been absent for the most part in my life and I wouldn't meet him until I was about six years old.

My childhood was pretty normal just for a for millennial that is, the life of video games, swimming, ymca and league sports and saturday morning cartoons going to church and summer camps. And the three sports of choice were basketball football and track. My mother and my aunt named Paige would alternate between which houses my cousins  Rontez, Xae and I would spend time over for the weekends during the school year.


Around intermediate school (5th grade) is when my memories become pretty sharp.

I guess it’s when I first had a big change in my life, my best friends father passed and he was like a stand in father for me. I spent more time with him and his sons during my childhood than some of my own family. I actually meet them at the  apartment complex we lived in. I met them one summer at the pool my 5th grade year. Many of my childhood friends I met at the pool growing up....My cousins Xae,Rontez and I would literally go every chance we got to the point where my mother had to literally ban us from going for a day or two due to the effects of the chlorine drying out our skin. I met my childhood friends Jazz and Quincy  that summer. They were brothers, laughing, constantly joking and not shy at all. Those two were great great kids. There father was part owner of a trucking company and from the day that I met Mr. Lionel he treated me like his son. One day Jazz, Quincy and I had the bright idea that our parents should meet. Then we might be able to spend the summer more often and hangout. Our parents hit it off, not romantically but they became best friends being single parents and all.

The following school semester we would all go to the same school. They were from a small city, and just moved back in with their father after living with the mother for a while.  I would visit with them to there home town on some holidays or events sometimes if my mother allowed it.

We played basketball about half the time we were awake. My 6th grade winter break right before middle school I spent at my cousins because Jazz and Quincy went back to there home town to spend time with their grandparents. When I came home I went to school like normal and went to visit them like I always did at that time. But no one was home… not only no one was home but there was no sign of life like they had moved out… usually the garage door was open when someone was home… the door had no welcome mat either and everything in the backyard was now gone... and I hadn’t seen either Jazz or Quincy at school that day. Something was wrong… and I knew it. I went over to neighbors and called my mom and explained what was happening, she also hadn’t heard from them either and she came to pick me up. My mother got off later in the day it would pick me up from there house on her way home. That night we contacted a family member of Jazz and Quincy and the father Mr.Lionel…

Mr.Lionel's mother explained that he had an aneurysm and died a few weeks before. Immediately sobs filled the room, I began to cry uncontrollably I couldn’t believe it. My mother and I would move further down the street that summer… I went to spend time with some of my other cousins not mentioned before. My mom probably thought it would help take my mind off of what was happening back home…..


Saturday Morning  Cartoons, Basketball and Video Games

At 13 my time was heavily invested in twiddling thumbs on video games, watching cartoons (mostly anime) and being on the middle school B team, ( I didn’t make Varsity high school basketball either)

I met my childhood best friends at that time too. We were young, loved to have fun and thought the world would end in 2009 for some prediction that now eludes me. I would never see Jazz or Quincy again outside of social media. But I did keep in contact with them up until close to my sophomore year in highschool. a strange enemy. The next day home to our new place I went outside to help my mom with groceries but before I even got out the door, a little boy appeared in my house with groceries bags and a basketball he explained he was helping my mother… I thanked him and went to the car as he placed groceries down in the kitchen to get some more bags out of the car… well he was behind me in the kitchen, but when I looked up there he was in front of me again...I thought this was strange of course no way was this kid that damn fast. The boy said hey “Nice to meet you”, I said something like “we already met”... and he explained that his twin was the one behind me...Tevin and his name was Kevin.

It’s strange how life works right after losing my best friends to a tragedy then meeting the twins my first day in the neighborhood I wouldn’t know till later that they too would also become my best friends.

Middle school was a golden time in my life.

I still thought about Mr.Lionels death constantly… The twins and I actually would have went to rival schools had he not passed. We might have even been enemies.



 Twist of fate

After a fateful day at “fish camp” (summer prep course for freshman highschool students)

My best friends who were twins home was broken into and the neighbor defended there home and was thrown the window….

I’m not making this up. My friends mother didn’t feel safe in the area anymore she didn't know if her family was being targeted and relocated them to a nicer area.

Due to the sudden changes a few weeks before high school my best friends moved to another school district. We all knew it sucked….but I put my worst foot forward and proceeded to fail off of the basketball team shortly afterwards. Reality looked bleak for me, my neighborhood was full of gang violence and I was slowly but surely being targeted.  In an effort for a fresh start my mother decided to move in with our grandfather, and I too would be going to a new school and beginning a new chapter in my life.

Adjusting to the culture at my new high school was a challenge for me. The last semester of my freshman year was pretty good at first… but then I got targeted for standing up for myself at the basketball court. There was a misunderstanding to a comment I made and a local gang decided to threaten my life. This was a defining time for me and I started to distance myself from the student body due to most of the kids in the neighborhood knowing each other since grade school.

The culture of the school seemed to stem from Material possessions and that’s just something  I wasn’t use to coming from a less socioeconomic area during my preteens. I slowly started to wish I was anywhere but this school. Even after finding a long lost cousin who was a grade older than me but happened to be in one of my classes. I asked my mom can I move in with my best friends… I got permission from their mother prior to after spending a weekend over there house and having the time of my life in new neighborhood where the twins went to school. Lets just say my mom wasn’t thrilled and told me she was willing to move in that very same neighborhood so I could be more at peace.  And that’s just what we did and oh man….do I thank her for doing that for me..


My sophomore year  I moved to the same area where the twins lived. I was thrilled and so were they.

That same year I got a job at Chuck E. Cheese as a game attendant. (Yes if I helped you I just gave you tokens) I would form friendships at this high school that I still have to this day.

And this would be the year that the Entrepreneur in me went out in full force.

My Freshmen year led me to going to trade school. I learned to fix computers, by 10th grade I started to mod every PC in site. And became well known around my community for fixing computers. I was literally hooked… if there was a broken computer I would sit there for hours until I had a solution or had fixed the problem.

My gaming addiction transfers from consoles to PC gaming (thank you Guild Wars for unlocking my inner nerd) at this time I just didn’t make the cut for the junior varsity basketball team….I was out of shape from not going to the park less frequently, but it was where my life had been threatened. (didn’t have a car then lol)

So making it to JV would require more effort than I had at that time. I didn’t give up on basketball completely I still played with most of the team outside of school and due to the twins both being on JV and Varsity, but I switched to track and worked my way up from being out of shape to being in the best shape of my life doing two days and having the time of my life with the tracks teams locker room shenanigans….. Our track team had plenty believe me.

I would also become the co president of the Strategic game club…. (mostly halo and call of duty lol)

Due to having a large network of friends, hobbies that I cared for and seeing someone like me become president. I would say I felt happy and finally found a place to call home, my friends and most of all we just had tons of FUN.


By 17 my values changed. I worked at Pizza Hut and every day felt like an adventure. Not much had changed in my life.II was happy. My family, friends and experiences brought me many lessons but I still wasn’t prepared for quite completely for adult life.  I had experienced pain in life but not enough to make me evolve. I wouldn’t know that pain into when I have to make real adult decisions.


I was late for my own graduation. Like a scene straight out of the movie. I tried explaining to my mother, aunt, and little cousins that we needed to have left 30 minutes ago… since I didn’t have a car I said I would leave… and see them there because I was walking. But they got ready shorter than expected and we left. I got out of car close to the school because…. graduation had started and like a scene out a movie I began to run to my position in line. I was the only one late… they tried to wait but couldn’t hold  to long on the count on one student…

The whole student body was cheering my name… lol. I was late and everyone knew. My tie half way on but a teacher helped me put on once I got in line. I was graduating… I went from not liking my previous school to now wishing I saw my friends in the lunchroom like the good old days just one more time.


 Working my way through college

Tevin was a partier and it rubbed of on me for sure, a large part of my living was to party at this time. I tried starting a few businesses I even purchased a bunch of restaurant equipment to open a business another childhood friend and his father who was a pro chief. We even on the thought of purchasing a food truck. At this time I worked at Toyota. But the entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well in me. I wanted a career change. All my life people told me I was destined for great things. That they would see me on a tech magazine. I never thought of myself as something special. One of my the values I’ve held the highest is the art of perseverance. I value characters in TV and movies that don’t give up. Who simply work for it, and work harder to achieve by just getting down and doing the work… I’m an anime fan so Naruto, Luffy from one piece, goku come to mind to me when I think of perseverance. These characters faced hardships but never gave and worked to surpass all there circumstances and evolved in better people with the help of their communities.

This however would turn into one the worst year of my life.  My goal was to go to the university of houston, at this time of my life I had to go to be accepted into the university of houston. I knew working at toyota as a chauffeur and lube tech wasn't going to get me anywhere that I wanted to be career-wise. After about a year of working at toyota finally landed a job at best buy. I was in computer sales for about a year-and-a-half. I work my way up into the geek squad tech support department. I met some wonderful people and learned a few things about video production, music production, programing, and website building. After moving to the other side of town I decided I needed to make change the commute was a little too long I was barely getting paid gas to cover the commute. Then landed a job at t-mobile in the sales department. This group of employees were just awesome people and true friends and who taught me  valuable skills about sales, leadership and networking.


I became a Network marketer. During this time of my life. I saw the power of networking I mean really networking. If you have a plan set a time and get people to commit to a idea it can be a very very powerful thing. I learned the power of the warm market and the cold market and of course by now I would think of myself as probably at least a novice in sales. By this time in my life I had experience with almost every Consumer electronic device on this planet. Although sales  wasn't my strong suit in life I much rather be helping people with some computer related topic,or working for myself with an information product. Maybe even some software troubleshooting, debugging. The the thoughts started to creep on me about becoming an expert in some kind of content management system.

I started building word press websites right out of high school. My first web sites were for a guild on a video game called guild wars. It was a abysmal failure. I tried my hand also at making a blog about gaming…. Then I learned about the requirements for hosting and having the technical sophistication to launch and maintain a site on my own… Along the way I met a few friends that  taught me how to use adobe Photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro and from there I moved on to Dreamweaver. I started to test our alternative OS suddenly after lonely Linux software just didn't seem so challenging anymore. I started to learn almost anything that I could online or on college campus. I began to purchase online course after online course. I've always been firm believer in self development. I shot a number of music videos and took the number of photos and editing them in a process called photo manipulation. Now having a number projects that I created and also websites to gain exposure.



After leaving employment with  t-mobile I found a job in oil and gas as an it support tech and web designer.

Here I would learn the most I ever learned in life about technology and the ever growing needs demands for tech in a growing company.  I experimented with different platforms for building websites. And I used more than a couple of different programming languages to build custom front end and back end solutions. (JavaScript, css, c++, python, c #)


I have developed an obsession with XR and building a startup with a core centered on construction tech. Training in virtual reality, drone mapping, XR apps, video series and a podcast. I have been learning more about content creation and using the unreal, and unity engines.

I’ve worked with psychologist, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, ceo's, and startups. I also frequent most virtual reality and robotics meet ups in my area. To subscribe to my latest content and continue your virtual journey with me “Markis”, please sign up here.



VR is Here to stay

The XR marketplace is changing by 2020 VR is projected to be a 20 billion dollar market. With Giant tech companies such as google, Mozilla, and Facebook investing heavily in the emerging sector.

15 years in tech

Jermarkis Hubbard  is currently and I.T. specialist for oil and gas.  With a background in digital marketing, pc gaming and  web UI.UX design Jermarkis comes with a unique perspective having sold, supported, a myriad of tech and been apart of the Houston VR and tech scene. I'm comfortable and confident I can deliver tremendous value to people interested in any of the topics discussed. 

The goal of this site is to is to share my perspective on all things tech give your the break down on how I run my business!

I will be building guides, courses, and creating video content, as well as podcast.

I want to show whats possible in this current space (anything is possible) welcome and please leave your email to hear more from us!

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Main Benefits of webVR and a pain point

One of the problems with VR

Cost of entry and limitations on tech in terms of tracking and data speed for wireless untethered VR experiences. You probably could build a 20,000 headset that might have a lot of these pain points fixed... but who is going to buy it outside of industrial applications?  



WEBVR will be huge due to efforts like A-Frame

instead of marketplace where you buy apps  using the agency of pure VR is something we haven't seen before.



People want things a click away. People don't like to download things they usually just want it to work with one single click. WEBVR looks to solve this problem using the three.js based web tech like A-Frame.



Since the market is currently fragmented WEBVR is looking to enable cross platform compatibility unlike native apps used for each individual headset ecosystem (like googles play store). 


Not to mention E-Commerce

In the grand scheme of the internet of things mixed with web vr and tech for example like block chain technology will provide new jobs, and new tech usages to every day life. The WEBVR world will be something like we have only seen in movies, TV and read in sci fi books.

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