Awesome collaboration tool!


Hey guys, Markis here once again. Right now is an exciting time to be alive. We are moving to what scientist are calling the experiential age ( you heard it here first)

in this new age, the bridge between mind and body is transforming again in a way we haven’t seen since the enlightenment age. Some new tech for collaborating and prototyping in VR just came out

at the end of last year. As a direct result, much of my efforts for this blog will be temporarily altered to focus heavily on VR collaborative prototyping tools. I’ve left a really cool blog post from (the blog site) medium on  Shopifys  latest vr post.

I’m going to spend some time covering each of this tools in depth. The ups the downs and drawbacks. This is going to be most likely a collaborative effort. I’m going to reach out other vr enthusiasts

from Houstons very own VR software development meetup for some help.  So this one will be in the works. I’ll be posting about play canvas in the meantime though!

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