I’m LATE! I never should have did it.


The Reason I have been not as active lately…. is because I’ve been inside of a VR world. Loading as many experiences I can from programming, gaming, and somewhere in between with Steam, Oculus, and the Windows mixed Reality platforms there just too much to choose from. (Oh how I love sprint vector)  The Lenovo Explorer lets you well explorer most experiences in VR I’ll build more on this subject later. Life, of course, has been getting in the way from me reaching the golden peaks of content creation, but I vow I will not be defeated by its attempts and all of its many roadblocks.  I will start working on the collaboration experiences this upcoming week!  I must first make sure it is physically possible to run these experiences on my current gear (the Lenovo explorer) something I didn’t think of before. I’m also running a rx580 (so so good) and my favorite colors. (black and red)

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