Jermarkis R Hubbard / Husband/ UI/ UX Designer WEBVR Developer/ I.T. professional and Entrepreneur 

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VR is Here to stay

The XR marketplace is changing by 2020 VR is projected to be a 20 billion dollar market. With Giant tech companies such as google, Mozilla, and Facebook investing heavily in the emerging sector.

15 years in tech

Jermarkis Hubbard  is currently and I.T. specialist for oil and gas.  With a background in digital marketing, pc gaming and  web UI.UX design Jermarkis comes with a unique perspective having sold, supported, and been apart of the Houston VR and tech scene. I'm comfortable and confident I can deliver tremendous value to people interested in any of the topics discussed. 

The goal of this site is to experiment and make money in the E-commerce and WebVR space!

I will be building guides, courses, and creating video content, as well as podcast.

I want to show whats possible in this current space (anything is possible) welcome and please leave your email to hear more from us!

Discover the possiblities

Web Design

I'll go over some of the core concepts in the emerging world of webVR and E-Commerce

Live streaming

As a tech enthusiast I'll be delivering content about webVR using to start HP's mixed reality headset


Can't watch this 30 min video?

It's cool take vrcoinlab on the go!

Most important!

Lets learn how to make some money online guys!

Main Benefits of webVR and a pain point

One of the problems with VR

Cost of entry and limitations on tech in terms of tracking and data speed for wireless untethered VR experiences. You probably could build a 20,000 headset that might have a lot of these pain points fixed... but who is going to buy it outside of industrial applications?  



WEBVR will be huge due to efforts like A-Frame

instead of marketplace where you buy apps  using the agency of pure VR is something we haven't seen before.



People want things a click away. People don't like to download things they usually just want it to work with one single click. WEBVR looks to solve this problem using the three.js based web tech like A-Frame.



Since the market is currently fragmented WEBVR is looking to enable cross platform compatibility unlike native apps used for each individual headset ecosystem (like googles play store). 


Not to mention E-Commerce

In the grand scheme of the internet of things mixed with web vr and tech for example like block chain technology will provide new jobs, and new tech usages to every day life. The WEBVR world will be something like we have only seen in movies, TV and read in sci fi books.

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WEBVR and E-commerce enthusiast 

dedicated to making money and having critical discussions on the changes to everyday life from tech.


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