So what’s A-Frame?




Hey guys Markis here. The topic of discussion for the Houston VR developers meet up was A-Frame. I learned some new things about A-Frame and it’s origins. There are many questions for begging in web design I also thought some people may not know what is an A-Frame? You’re in luck if you’re like me. A-Frame is a web VR framework that can be developed from plain  HTML files plus you don’t have install anything additional to get started with it. Check out Mozilla’s A-frames website to see the latest examples.

I’ve been challenged by my peers to make a VR experience in A-frame, and I except the challenge. I’m still working on the play canvas demo. ( a bit of a learning curve since I have to learn the tools and interface but I’ll manage through.Personally, I’m coming from a  photoshop and web design background) so something mostly HTML  and just uploading some 3D elements will probably be easier for someone with my skill set.

Also, check out Play Canvas from the link below. (it’s an HTML 5 and OpenGL game engine. And Recommended by the lead for VR at Shopify’s Daniel Beauchamp.)

And just to note here are some links and or some topics of discussion in which were hot topics in discussion.

What will webVR linking to different websites look like in web VR? (Amazons IDE for creating VR/ and ar experiences.) (Mentioned for owning a  piece of virtual land attached to a blockchain but I have yet to look at the intricacies sounds interesting though. using webvr to Communicate, collaborate and connect with anyone anywhere ( Really cool) but have not looked to much into this platform.  I’ve heard it described as Twitch for 360 videos with a cryptocurrency tip/ token based system. (aka Very awesome stuff)
The book snow crash.

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