Trapped In a loop


Hey vrcoinlab family.
It’s been too long! I went on a weekend trip for my wife’s birthday and when I came back into to town I start working immediately on the back end of the site to enable some cool features and of course, I recently got the Lenovo explorer VR headset.  I’m currently looking into which developer tool to showcase.
I once said I will be focusing on dev collab tools primarily for a while. I think I’ll instead go over some key features and a general overview of each product as I see fit. Ran into some trouble live streaming so give me a little time before I start dumping videos out on this site. One thing I’ve noticed about VR so far is that it’s hard to be productive. Clunky keyboards, VR platform crashes and not being able to see your keyboard in virtual space. The VR experiences maybe somewhere in the uncanny valley at best, it seems to me the productivity was an afterthought for this product because of the larger market focus on mobile devices . It’s good for watching one video, gaming or having a few apps running on the platform of your choosing but quirks like not being able to see your mouse and keyboard and limited web browser functionality as far as navigation in working out the fine details of actually using the headset would make me say that right now mixed reality is very good for gaming and entertainment but when it comes to productivity it leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. Overall I like the Lenovo explorer and I will continue to try to make content that’s relevant and gives you value I will also be going into more depth about advanced techniques I use and VR and mixed reality I know making money is a big concern for a lot of people when it comes to generating money through VR a lot is still to be determined.  A lot of you guys are not new to the web development so you understand that things are always constantly changing so who knows where VR will be in 5 years. Well with all things being said we will still be going over how we could possibly make money (disclaimer: this platform is still new so many of the methods I will be using will have to deal with traditional 2d methods) from your VR mixed reality headset as well as from other areas to build our online portfolio and expand our reach!

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