What I’m up too currently.


Hello guys. I’m working on mostly full stack development as of now. Learning some python, more javascript, and SQL, with version control (which I already know) and among other things building a portfolio to showcase some cool apps, websites, designs, and processes for development. I will be diving into more content regarding VR in next couple months but I am exploring AR development, for the most part,  looking at differences between Django and Ruby on Rails too. Most projects I initially wrote about in this blog were not as unique as I thought so I will be scrapping most of those projects in light of more experience with VR. I will start to post some screen recordings of my development process in VR and the types of projects I’m working on. I will also release a service portion of the site where people can inquire about my services offered. My friends and I will be showcasing the development process for a new app we are creating as well. So to condense the amount of writing I will list of projects I haven’t mentioned.

  • new app
  • WEBVR development using a-frame
  • meet up with firefox webvr team and gave us an update about this state of webvr on vr devices (post coming soon)
  • unreal engine development
  • Full stack development (udacity.com)
  • Ruby on Rails development ( learnenough.com)
  • AR development (lynda.com) free with Houston library card
  • open source projects
  •  building E-Commerce sites built for clients


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